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World Prep®

Thanks so much for visiting our online store. In 1999, World Prep, was created to help ensure emergency preparedness at home, at work and at play. This mission was accomplished by collaborating with multiple branches of law enforcement and special operations units who have seen first hand the effects of being caught off guard in a natural disaster or other unforeseen tragedy. World Prep® offers a diverse and unique group of emergency resource products. Our Safety Kits are designed in accordance with all federal and local safety guidelines recommended should a natural disaster or tragedy occur. World Prep® kits were developed by individuals with extensive search and rescue experience. These brave men and women have seen first hand how small towns and major cities can be devastated by flooding,hurricane, tornado, terrorists attack or other unforeseen tragedy. The kits are designed to in that regard to be versatile, as well as portable. Several other disaster and safety kits have been developed as well, and more are in the research and development stage. Sadly, this day in age, we need to me more prepared than ever for a high threat or active shooter situation. This is particularly true in the classroom or business office setting. World Prep's active shooter kit is a comprehensive kit with detailed instructions on how to use its contents for any individual, regardless of their training level. This kit will offer details on how to render aid, communicate with law enforcement outside the bulding and provide essential tools for escape or evacuation. Another example of our work can be seen in the safety kits we developed for your leisure and recreation times. A variety of Boater’s Safety Kits for each type of boating activity have been developed. These kits are designed to suit a variety of applications including canoes, kayaks, personal watercraft, duck hunters, and trailered and off-shore cruising vessels. We also carry snowmobile kits, hiker kits, and ATV safety kits. When you order a safety kit from World Prep®, you can be assured that it was developed with integrity and quality. It is designed to make a difference when it is needed most. When an emergency strikes, time is a luxury that you cannot afford -- be prepared with World Prep®'s Automotive, Classroom, Home, Military, Office, Recreational and Travel Safety Kits.